Saturday, November 21, 2009

12 Inches of Snow

When I woke this morning, I put in my headphones and clicked on "shuffle songs", the first one on the list was Informer, by Snow. As the wise philosopher once said "I lick your boom boom down" whatever that means. Which gets me to my next poll question; which album should the Iceman be most ashamed of owning. The options are 12 Inches of Snow, by Snow, which hit the charts when I was graduating junior high and Informer was played 3 times at our graduation dance. Then there was high school when I had a crush on a girl who loved ABBA, so I figured that it would increase my probability of courtship if I memorized their Greatest Hits and could quote ABBA verbatim. My plan did not succeed. The ability to quote ABBA songs in the absence of mojo does not attract women. Then there was Kris Kross; where my sister and I forced our parents to listen to the song "Jump" about 300 times on a vacation to Myrtle Beach.

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