Saturday, November 21, 2009

Natural Governing Party, the times they are a changin'

I love seeing these latest poll numbers that place the Liberal Party of Canada a paltry 5% above the NDP nationally. Has the gap between the two left wing parties ever been smaller? Jesus Christ, I don't think it was that small under Dion! The myth that the Liberals are the "natural governing party of Canada" is totally busted. They should do an episode of Mythbusters about the natural governing party mirage. In hindsight, it was reckless, childish, and outright stupid for Joe Clark and Scott Bryson to be so adamant about not joining forces. One has to ask the question if their opposition to the merger was because they wanted to keep handing majority governments to the Liberals. I broke down the math of the natural governing party myth back in May. At least something good became of the actions of Belinda Stronach. If not for Peter courting Belinda, would the merger ever have happened?

The P and the C may not always agree,
But united we must be if we are to win a majority!

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