Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Day After December 21, 2012

Last night I went to see the new 2012 movie, and the plot was awful. I was watching the film and had flashbacks to the Global Warming propaganda film The Day After Tomorrow which served the purpose of frightening people into agreeing with the cause. Before we departed to watch 2012, I explained to my mother the history behind the Mayan calendar, how they wrote it thousands of years into the future and stopped on this day. My mom said "well they had to stop eventually, right?" Good call mom! So the movie started off with the "science" behind this doom and gloom scenario, which has one scientist proclaiming that the Mayans predicted the end of the world. No, they stopped carving the calendar into stone, they don't predict that neutron radiation will super heat the Earth's core and lead to the land masses collapsing into the ocean.

We are watching the movie, and as a mathematician, I am busting 75% of their plot twists. To the point where when the land began collapsing into the ocean, I lean to my mom and whisper "don't worry mom, that is never going to happen". All the science in the movie is pure fiction with a probability of occurrence of zero. For example, they need to fly a plane, and a member of their posse took a flying lesson once. They get into the sky, and suddenly this guy is flying through collapsing buildings and shooting trains like he is Maverick in Top Gun. Then all these absurd impossible events happen in sequence, and eventually the team gets to these "arcs" that were hastily built to save our species. Most of the people get on the boats, but the 1000 meter high tsunami penetrates the Himalayan Mountains and is travelling so fast that they find themselves with 20 minutes before impact. Some people are still outside, so the chief scientist goes into this speech about humanity and how they need to save all these people. He argues that we should risk extinction to save a few extra people. So in 20 minutes, he does the big speech, everyone debates it, they lower this massive mechanical doors, move a thousand people into the boats, and close the doors. All in 20 minutes. There was an 90% chance that doing this would kill all mankind, but still the leadership agrees to it in the name of humanity. It was insane.

I was pissed off by the end of the movie. Normally for an action fiction, you suspend disbelief and enjoy the show. But when I put it into the context of the Day After Tomorrow that converted people to the cause, I am upset because I know that a large number of people in the fringe element totally buy into the theory of the world ending Dec 2012 and advocate it as a real likelihood. If a normal person who knows nothing about this watches the film and becomes interested in the theory, they will research it for more information, leading them to the blogs and stories about the predictions of this impossible event happening. I am concerned that some people will watch the movie and buy into the conspiracy theory, just like The Day After Tomorrow. Absurd science designed to scare people into compliance. I broke down the math of the conspiracy theory in Nostradamus 2012. When explaining to my mom why I was agitated, I said "this is insane, and I don't want anyone to watch it and buy into the insanity the way people bought into The Day After Tomorrow."

Nostradamus experts once tried to convince me that 2/3 of the world's people would die in July 1999. Nothing ever happened. Now they want to convince me that the world will end in 2012. Sorry guys, you lost me at your last failed prediction of Armageddon. Look at what the experts were saying then and what they are saying now. Same shit, different story. I don't know if the people who wrote the brutal screenplay intended on indoctrinating people to an insane theory. We are not in a final countdown, and anyone worried about it is worried about nothing. Something unlikely may happen in Dec 2012, but the probability of events like in 2012 occurring is exactly zero.

The movie was awful, the special effects were really good, and Woody Harrelson was entertaining. Cusack gave aruably his worrst performance.

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