Friday, November 20, 2009

Peter MacKay owns Evan Soloman

Yes, I reduced myself to watching the Evan Soloman Show today so that I could watch Defense Minister Peter MacKay set the record straight on this latest "controversy". Mr McKay was magnificent! First he had the testicular fortitude to appear on a hostile program with a hostile interviewer. E-Solo was asking loaded questions, while the dipshits running production were floating captions under Peter "did Minister contradict himself" and "torture fallout". I watch a lot of media interviews, and that is just about as hostile a treatment as any government official will receive on television. Bill O'Reilly interviewing Barney Frank thinks Evan was a little too rough.

The Minister of Defense eloquently answered all the hostile questions, and frankly made E-Solo look like the rank amateur he his. By the end of the interview, Evan was fumbling through his questions, contradicting himself, basically getting knocked around like Apollo Creed fighting Ivan Drago in Rocky 4. To Peter MacKay, I say well done!

I just saw Don Martin on with Evan, and so I need to get on to my next post.


  1. It would be so terrific if you provided links on your posts. Just a thought....

  2. McKay has done a fantastic job,
    he is at the top of his game and a very able fill in for PMSH.
    Now that's what you call a strong front bench!

    As usual, Liberals go all in before they have all the facts.
    Do they think they are going to come out on the winning side here?
    They haven't yet,
    and my spidey senses say that the best testimony is yet to come...

  3. This is the third day of wall to wall coverage of this story by Solomon and CTV's Tom Clark.
    Neither show the slightest interest in the Caledonia civil suit by homeowners against the Ont. government and the OPP. Nice to know they have their priorities straight.