Friday, November 13, 2009

The Most Frightening Movie Villain?

Today being Friday the 13th, I wanted to spice up my polling. I won't say "the best" movie villain because that would suggest that evil is in some way great or heroic. I would like to frame the question as a matter of law enforcement priority. All of these guys are on the loose, and the police budget is fixed. Which manhunt deserves the most resources? All of these guys are operating in your area. Prioritize. I am a strong supporter of the Canadian RCMP. Which name is at the top of the priority list in your district? And yet at the same time, points are awarded for the strength of the acting performance.

In terms of which film portrayal spooked me the most, I picked the clown from the Stephen King book. From a completely pragmatic point of view, all these guys are bad news and should be incarcerated, but my first target is the one picking off children. After that, Jason would probably be responsible for more murder than any of the others, and in any crime spree the first priority should be the protection of life. Then the Joker goes after large random targets, so he should be jailed next. In terms of total harm inflicted, Dracula, Lecter, and Montana would be on the same level. Bill the Butcher is a corrupt businessman who in the modern world would likely not be able to do what he does. Keyser Soze was just a magnificent script and acting performance. I don't quite know if Agent Smith belongs there, but that was a magnificently acted part.


  1. Incarcerated, some of those on your list of evildoers are not even human, can ooze down drains or turn into mist or be chopped into mincemeat and somehow resurrected. This is not a job for prisons and regular law enforcement. This calls for superheros, the Exorcist, the Winchester boys.

  2. I would of course expect all available super heroes in the area to assist the police investigation.

  3. How about Robert Mitchum as the preacher in 'Night Of The Hunter?