Thursday, November 12, 2009

Liberal Bolshevik Revolution?

You have to know that Bob Rae and the Bolshevik wing of the Liberal party smell blood in the water. Ignatieff is free, free falling, and Liberals have to be asking themselves, if the Czar can't win a general election, should we go ahead and replace him now? I'm sure it is very similar to how the people of Russia felt in October of 1917. The Czar and every dipshit working for him are incompetent, and while I have some concerns about where this Vladimir Lenin might take me, anything is better than this! Such is often the fate of inept aristocracies. Iggy could experience his own red December.

I'm just curious how many different ways Bob Rae could leapfrog Iggy before the next General Election? Iggy was never elected by the party membership, and I can't say that I am an expert in Liberal Party dogma. The one safety net that Canada has over 1917 Russia is democracy. Bob Rae and the Bolsheviks would actually have to face the electorate before ascending to leadership of the country. I'm sure myself and lots of other right minded people will have something to say about that should we need to cross that bridge. If Bob Rae ever becomes Prime Minister of Canada, I'm moving to Scotland.

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