Monday, November 16, 2009

Harper Dances with Bollywood

I have been watching the footage today of my Prime Minister Stephen Harper on his diplomatic foray into India, and I must say that I am proud to have him represent me abroad. Watching him visit sites of the terrorist invasion of Mumbai last year, lighting a candle to honour the victims and survivors, I need to say thank you. Sometimes you watch your leader on television representing you abroad and you need to applaud and say well done! I'll tell you what, I could imagine that if I were to see Stephane Dion up on stage with a troupe of Bollywood dancers, I would have become queasy.

I am a big fan of India, and I would like someone to find a way for India and Pakistan to get along. I know that is a tall order, and I personally don't have any groundbreaking ideas on the matter. I just know that it needs to happen, and if it does happen, the world will be a better place. But maybe it is impossible. It may be that the only thing that could ever unite India and Pakistan would be Earth being invaded by space aliens and the two foes need to join forces to defeat E.T?

I don't know. I do know that if there is ever a Peace Summit between India and Pakistan, I would like Chris Alexander to be leading the Canadian envoy.

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  1. Yes I am very proud of P.M. Harper's visit to the site of that horrible massacre. A place that Obama will never visit.