Monday, November 16, 2009


I am pleased to see that Jaques Parizeau is back in the game to finally deliver the final death blow to the Quebec sovereignty movement. His reaction to the defeat in 1995 set his movement back a generation, in fact he might have mortally wounded it in perpetuity. How he blamed "the ethnic vote" for the defeat when there are a lot of "ethnic votes" in the Province, completely alienated a large voting block. I am excited to see what precious morsels of stupidity and folly he will unveil in his final attempt to destroy the separatist movement.

I look forward to seeing more Jaques being Jaques, and let's hope some of that stink can rub off on Gilles Duceppe. I would also encourage Mr Parizeau to consume alcohol before making public speeches, so that people can see the real Jaques. As they say in Latin, in vino veritas, in wine there is truth...

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  1. I agree - give him a pedestal to reveal his thoughts! Maybe the Quebec "ethnic" vote will FINALLY think twice about BLOC support, when they really start to understand that these folks want to LEAVE Confederation at some time, and that the Canadian government is NOT going to buy Quebec votes by appeasing the BLOC anymore.

    The immigrant community were a little naive then, but not stupid, so they said NO; and they are less naive now. Many "ethnic" voters in Ontario are waking up, finally, to understand that conservatism aligns well with their views.