Thursday, November 19, 2009

Free to Choose

As the jury deliberates whether or not to expel me from the Blogging Tories, I want to say that I really don't want to join the Liblogs. I'm sure they will really love my past opinions about how Mike Ignatieff is a witch doctor who wants to subjugate the Ukraine and that Bob Rae is a Bolshevik. Then there was that time that I suggested that Dalton McGuinty would benefit from enrolling in kindergarten, or the time I outright proclaimed Dalton a buffoon. I have written over 100 posts about how Iggy should never be Prime Minister. Some mornings I wake up wondering if what I wrote about Iggy Pop the night before qualifies as slander. I don't recall any objections from Conservatives when I posted those opinions. Then there was the time I heralded Mike Harris as the greatest Premier in Canadian history, I'm sure Liberals are going to love that. I once wrote that Trudeau was "Holier than Mao", that should help my popularity in the Liberal community.

At the end of the day, I need a site to host my Blog, and I choose to be a Conservative. I think it would be more appropriate to hold a forum whether or not the Blogging Tories should host bloggers who advocate a Palin Presidency. They are delusional, and are not going to help the Tories win votes in the center. Majority or minority? You choose.


  1. And yes, I do see the irony in a dipshit who calls himself "Raging Tory" accusing me of anger management problems. Hey Hoff, you should start with the man in the mirror!

  2. Are you serious? Or are you just talking? Is there really a movement to toss you from the Blogging Tories?

    As for Palin, what difference does it make, Canadian Conservatives aren't going to vote for her anyways, and aren't we about freedom of speech?

    So I guess the only big deal I see here on anyside of the issue is:
    Are there really people looking to move you of this blog roll.

    All the rest is just noise.

  3. I doubt you're in any danger Iceman. I would be very dissapointed if you were.

    Stop obsessing about the guy. He seems like the one with the problem. Ignore him and he'll go away. Its the fight itself that he enjoys, so if you keep fighting so will he. Don't feed him anymore. You can win just by being a respected contributor. Put your energy into these fine blog posts. I'm sure he'll jab at you for months. Rise above it. :)

  4. Hang in there Iceman... keep doing your thing and let it all cool down. No one, other than the Rager, wants you off the Blogging Tories, I am sure.

  5. Huh ? Care to explain,I check in every day and am obviously missing something ?

  6. A suggestion from a leftie perhaps? You can always try the non-partisan bloggers. Don't know the link off hand.

    Oh, and if a bunch of wingnuts wants to throw you out of their reindeer games because you at least have the good sense to understand that it takes more than legs 'n' looks to run a country, why in the hell would you need them for anyway?

    As usual, the irony of the right continues to amuse me: that they're soooo gung ho and willing to kill for absolute free speech---until someone disagrees with them.

    Just an observation.

  7. .

    Sounds like a good movie title.
    This could be your ticket to the Bigs!
    Hey! Maybe you could even write old Rudy into the script.
    Then, and who knows, perhaps he could possibly ask you to be his running mate.
    Just imagine the look on Raging Tories face if that were to happen!

  8. TangoJuliette sez:

    dammit: you guys should just exchange phone numbers and seconds, open a jar of mojitos and talk/scrap/duke it out behind closed doors.

    This is all starting to sound tiresome and frightfully similar to the Local Station/Networks Crew versus the Cable Guys.

    I'd hate to think/believe that anyone of a Conservative orientation could be as delicately thin-skinned, hatefully tunnel-visioned and exclusionarily-bent as the libranos.

    Please don't be taking this site down that sad and tragic road.

    BTW: Long ago, an instructor I had, cut his teeth on Normandy's beaches, after having served up the boot of Italy with First Special Services Force. He eventually taught a bunch of us whupass18 yr.old snot-nosed whelps the finer points of hand to hand combat, while we went through Depot in '59.

    Sgt. Reid taught that those blessed with skills and the mental toughness to enter into combat and be the ones to come out of it alive, rarely bragged about their prowess. They lived it. Daily.

    'Coolers' were cool.

    'Coolers' 'cooled.'

    t.e.& o.e.

  9. Iceman
    you need to get over your obsession with the inbred republican Americanism that seems to dominate the Canadian Tories and actually concentrate on Canadian issues.
    Secondly you have a blogger account, just post your views. An aggregator is just crap hence the response from the retarded right. If folk want to comment they will, if not they won't. It's a blog it's done just to sound off and put your views out there. It really isn't likely to be taken seriously unless you are a racist, hater, bigot then the law takes an interest or have some advertisng power then commerce rules.