Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dalton's Ontario, "I got to get out of this place"

My parents are nearing retirement and will be moving back to Canada in the next few years. They have a decision to make, with half their children and grandchildren in BC and half in Ontario, where do they relocate to? I was telling my mother that I strongly recommend against moving to Ontario while McGuinty is still running the ship. He makes Governor Schwarzenegger look fiscally responsible by comparison. I left after the first McGuinty budget. I still remember the election campaign that brought him to power, where he ran countless commercials where he looked into the camera and said "I will not raise your taxes". I knew that was bullshit because there is no way that you could spend what he was proposing to spend without massive new taxation. Sure as shit, on his very first budget he introduced massive new taxation, probably one of the single largest tax increases in the history of Ontario, Bob Rae notwithstanding. I will never forget picking up the newspaper that morning to read the catastrophic news. I was like Gimli running into Balin's Tomb in the Mines of Moria. They acted shocked that there was a budget deficit after SARS grounded Toronto's economic activity to a dead stop, and blamed their massive tax increase on the outgoing administration. Really guys?

While I was making my decision of "do I stay or do I go now" I went to visit my parents. One night they played a CD by the animals. I heard the song "I got to get out of this place" and at that exact moment, I made the decision to leave. I will never move back to Ontario while Dalton is in power, and I am also advising my parents against doing so. Christ, I think I would rather live in North Korea. Granted, Gordon Campbell is an abortion, or I wish he'd abort the position. Carbon tax. That's all I gotta say. Maybe my entire family in both provinces should pack up and move to Alberta. I hear a lot of good things about Alberta.

I would encourage you to have a listen to the song that clinched my decision to emigrate from Dalton's Ontario... www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxNEiZhpinY


  1. Why not tell them to live in Alberta. Lower taxes, and near enough to vist you in BC.

  2. Heres a website, Alberta's tax advantage.
    There is a graph showing how much more income each province pays over Albertans.


    and more personal/corp tax info
    Albertans pay 10% prov tax (less after credits)and 0 zero sales tax
    (no property transfer tax
    only GST on new homes).


  3. How about Saskatchewan? A growing resource base and a strong economy,lower housing costs, a center right government and cities that can provide many amenities and smaller communities that can provide a real sense of community. There is no better place!

  4. Come to Alberta Iceman,we would love to have you here.

    We are hard working people, we do have our problems but who doesn't. eh!

    Also, for your own peace of mind, get away from the liberal media, they will infest your mind with crap.
    If canada was to be divided right now between east and west. most probably canadians will leave the east for a better future in the west. Also, the stench of the liberal media stays behind. AH!DO YOU SMELL ALBERTA BEEF? Sure I DO.

  5. I love the common sense attitudes of Albertans, but the BC coast has hooked me. Even though Campbell is a disappointment, because he's swallowed the green agenda, I don't plan on moving from BC any time soon.