Monday, November 23, 2009

Cleaning up a Liberal mess

Being out of Canada and detached from CBC Newsworld, I am out of touch with the Liberal narrative on "torture-gate". But I logged in to the National Post website and saw that Peter MacKay said that the Tories were aware of the allegations that detainees may have been tortured under the Martin Government. I am not there to watch the CBC reaction, but I can imagine that the Liberals are going bananas, and their CBC allies with them. Basically the last Liberal Government set up a transfer system that led to the alleged torture, and now the Liberals are furious about the speed at which the Tories cleaned up the Liberal mess. The Conservative Government did clean up the Liberal mess, but not fast enough for Liberal wants. This was happening under the Martin Government, and I am sure the allegations were surfacing then too about how the transfer system that the Liberals built was broken. This is extremely hypocritical to the point of absurdity.

Let me tell you a similar story from my own life. When Dalton McGuinty first chased me out of Ontario, I got a job as a night janitor at GM Place in Vancouver. An odd job for a mathematician, but as an obsessive hockey fan, it was fantastic to have a backstage pass. I thought that I would be Good Will Hunting and work my way up the ladder. But no, janitors virtually never get promoted to the front office, so I moved on to new pursuits. There was this one night when Nickleback came to town. If you have never been to a Nickleback concert, it is nuts, and ungodly amounts of alcohol are consumed. Afterwards as everyone was leaving, some dipshit pulled down his pants and dropped a deuce right in the middle of the concourse. It sat there for 2 hours before I got there to clean it up (it is a very big building and there was vomit everywhere). Meanwhile a number of people had complained about the feces on the floor. The complaints got back to my boss, who then gave me shit for not cleaning up the shit before people could complain about it. By following standard procedures, it took me time to get there and take the appropriate measures to fix the problem. That night I was busy cleaning up all the vomit everywhere else, and thus my response time was hindered. The Tories were very busy cleaning up 12 years of Liberal vomit when they came to power in 2006.

I do feel sympathy for the Tory Government and all the fire they are talking from the very people who shit in the middle of the concourse. Do they not understand that they are drawing light on their own incompetence by making such a big deal about this, and that they are trying to shift the national narrative to Canada being complicit in torture? That is really going to help maintain our standing in the world as a great country. They are exporting the message that the Canadian Armed Forces may have violated the Geneva Conventions. Thanks guys. The Liberals doing what they think is the best to get them back in power is not what is best for the country. They are behaving like drunken patrons at a Nickleback concert.

"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."

-Winston Churchill


  1. 'The Liberals doing what they think is the best to get them back in power is not what is best for the country.'

    A very sad truth.

  2. It would be foolish and very irresponsible, for the Canadian government to conclude that Richard Colvin's accusations are true and are fact, if there is no proof or conclusive evidence of that, and of course we are told that Colvin has only allegations (which may be true or not true). Colvin was given the opportunity to provide the parliamentary committee with proof or evidence and was unable to do so. However if the government was to be irresponsible enough to accept allegations, without necessary proof, they would then be admitting that our troops were committing a war crime by sending detainees to a be tortured in Afghan prisons. Liberals obviously are prepared to accept allegations as the truth, and smear our armed forces without proof - this is not only cheap politics but a big disservice to our troops. When have Canadians decided it is wrong and criminal, to give our troops the benefit of the doubt particularly when they have performed in exemplary fashion - cheap politics aside. The government can not be faulted for insisting they not only want but need proof from Colvin, and are not prepared to accept allegations. I wish the Liberals would side with troops instead of the Taliban.
    To say that since the government acted and investigated the Afghan prisons, that was proof that they accepted Colvin's allegations, when fact is they actually acted on more credible evidence then what Colvin provided.

  3. Hey, what do you want? The Liberals haven't had an original idea since..,well, actually I can't remember when they last had an original idea.

  4. The irony is that before I posted this, Canadian Cynic was sending his minions to my page. I posted this, and the traffic stopped virtually immediately.

  5. The conduct of the Liberals on Afghanistan is becoming a joke of gigantic proportions, just when Canadians thought they may be on to something, other than political gamesmanship like we had with wafergate, Olympic logos,course of the Torch relay, stimulus spending etc.
    David Mulroney, the number one man in Afghanistan at the time, has volunteered to fly down to testify immediately, before the parliamentary committee, and we have the Liberals going to set up road blocks so he can't be heard by the committee, and prevent Canadians from hearing him now. Liberals for their shameful short term political gain, want the accusations to float in the air as long as possible, before some credible evidence is brought forward, by a well qualified source like David Mulroney. This is all about political games and not a search for the truth and I am surprised members of the media are now being duped by the tactics being employed.