Saturday, November 21, 2009


I have spent the last few days watching the CBC as Liberals, both in government and in punditry, accuse the Conservative government of war crimes. The most pointed knife coming from Evan Soloman, who hosted a hostile interview with the Minister of Defence, and then later in the program had blogging experts to discuss the response of the Blogging Community. Expert #1 proclaimed that it was fantastic that we are all talking about this, Expert #2 ostensibly accused the Harper Government of war crimes, and Expert #3 said the Blogging Tories had been mute on the issue, and according to the expert panel silence was evidence of guilt.

I hate that we are even talking about this. It is a ridiculous story that is being launched into the national narrative by a desperate opposition and the CBC who promotes them. Nobody really wants to talk about it because there are also allegations amid the allegations that our brave soldiers knew about this, and that individual soldiers committed war crimes by not preventing it. This is lunacy, and forcing an elaborate pomp and circumstance helps nobody but a desperate Liberal Party that is now only a paltry 5% above the NDP in national polling.

When I sat down to write what I wrote today, my modus operandi was directly focused at the mockery of our Government and Armed Forces that was on parade Friday on the Soloman show. The response from the Liberals has been pure venom. I now have Liberal visitors proclaiming their wishes of my death. Others are trying to tell me that I am promoting slander and should be prosecuted in a court of law. Meanwhile, they are engaging in the ultimate hypocrisy by alleging that our Government and Military engaged in war crimes, and then slamming me for just flipping their own shticks back on to them! I learned at a young age that I am rubber and you are glue, whatever you throw bounces off me and sticks to you. I don't believe that ANY Canadians were complicit in war crimes, Liberal, Conservative, or Independent. But when I see the venom being heaped on the party that I support by the party that signed the treaty that led to the allegations, what do I say? How do you respond to that lunacy?

The Liberals signed the treaty. The whistleblower says the torture was rampant at the end of the Martin administration. All the rules that slowed down the bureaucracy existed after 12 years of Liberal neglect of the Armed Forces. The Tories cleaned up the mess. How in the name of Christ has Peter MacKay committed a war crime? This doesn't make any sense to me, I don't want to be talking about it, but if the Blogging Tories don't say anything, Liberal pundits take that as an admission of guilt. I don't think Bill Graham committed a war crime. I don't believe that Richard Colvin committed a war crime (notice in that post that I never directly said that he committed a war crime, but merely asked if he did). I don't believe that the Harper Government committed a war crime. But how the Hell do you respond when the other side is slandering you? Do you just shut up and let them get away with it and sway public opinion, or do you fight fire with fire. Liberals quickly play the slander and personal attack cards when people expose their own negligence, incompetence, or criminal behavior. Right, John Kerry lost because he gets “swift boated”, but slander Palin and everything is okay and they can say that there has been permanent political shift.

Before I published any of my posts today, I had considered the possibility of legal action against me. My defense before I wrote any of it was; if the other team is slandering you and you recognize that it is bogus and ignore it, and then they assume silence equals guilt, what are you supposed to do? The Liberals are saying that the Tories are only capable of responding with personal attacks, but what do you call what the Liberals are saying about Peter MacKay on the Soloman Show? They are making personal attacks, and then saying that the government is deplorable for compromising the integrity of the accusers.

This is insane! Are you guilty of slander when you respond to slander with slander?

"Laws alone can not secure freedom of expression; in order that every man present his views without penalty there must be spirit of tolerance in the entire population."

-Albert Einstein


  1. The G&M's Jeffrey Simpson is taking the word of Colvin over Rick Hillier. Of all the journalists in Canada, Simpson appears to me to be the most partisan, continually accusing Harper and his cabinet ministers of going on personal attacks while he, Simpson, engages in almost constant belittling verbiage. Spare me from nasty, pompous asses.

  2. turn over all afgans to afgans. if they are shooting at you kill them. take no prisoners then there can be no claims of torture. war is hell eh.

  3. I read the globe and mail article on Nov 21st on Colvin's biography == Good God, if you ever read the Mitrokhin Archive's this man is the perfect fit to a soviet sleeper agent.

    Why hasn't the media picked up on this? well other than the Globe and Mail.