Monday, November 9, 2009

The rumours of NDP demise are...

I still have not had the opportunity to do a full analysis of the election results, that will come in about two hours. But the first thing that I noticed was how terrible the day was for the Liberal Party. They were defeated by the NDP in 75% of the ridings! The result in BC indicates that yes, there was an HST protest vote. I supported the cut to the GST, and I do not support adding PST to more goods and services. Regardless, the Liberal party is in a complete free fall. I did notice an eerie silence from the Ignatieff camp this past week in the build up to the elections. New Field Marshal Donolo recognized that Mike is a toxic leader and it was best to keep him out of the public view while people were engaged in the act of voting. That master stroke was not enough to stop the bleeding.

Congrats NDP. I can't stand you and would never vote for you, but I am very happy to see you vault the Liberal Party as the Official Opposition.

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  1. Agreed the protest vote is not going to the Green or Liberals. We might have the NDP become the next official opposition party if the CPC can break the Bloc with the NDP helping.

    The Liberals and Green will be a historical footnote if they continue with the lack of substance.