Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Torture Survey?

How fantastic that the "great people" at Harris-Decima took the time to ask 2,036 Canadians if they believe members of the Canadian Armed Forces violated the Geneva Conventions. You assholes are doing God's work. I would like to know the exact question that H.D asked the people that they surveyed. The CBC is very delighted about the results of this potentially biased survey, as it shows the PR blitz by Evan Soloman to convince Canadians that Canada was complicit in torture seems to have dented public opinion, at least according to Harris-Decima. Again, it would be nice to know the question that the pollsters asked. Do 51% of people believe that the Liberals also knew about the torture when they were in power and transferring prisoners under the system that they created? It is not hard to skew a poll if you frame the question and options properly. Did they actually ask people if they believed the Government assertion that Colvin's claims were flimsy? Or was that brilliant analysis brought to us by the CBC? I visited the Harris Decima website and didn't see anything about this survey, but the CBC is really jazzed about it.

I strongly recommend my own post, cleaning up a Liberal mess.

as they wrote on the CBC site:

The survey found 51 per cent of respondents believed Colvin's statement that prisoners handed over by Canadian soldiers to Afghan authorities were likely abused and that the government knew of the problem.

By comparison, only 25 per cent said they believed the Harper government's assertion that Colvin's claims are flimsy and not credible.

Harris-Decima chairman Allan Gregg said the results suggest the government's strategy of attacking Colvin's credibility has backfired.


  1. Terrorists are not covered by the Geneva Convention, tell the people the truth.

  2. ''Harris-Decima chairman Allan Gregg said the results suggest the government's strategy of attacking Colvin's credibility has backfired.''

    LOL, a poll taken after Colvin testifies and BEFORE anyone on the govt side has had their say....and still only 51% of Canadians believe colvin.

    Watch that 25% believing colvin is not crediable grow today,
    Hillier in committee 3:30 ET

  3. Standard conservative responce "We want the information on the question, but you cannot have the info you received from Colvin.
    I will say this for you ICEMAN at lest you are Canadain, Most of the bloggers in Blogging Tories
    are more worried about the U S.

  4. The political left in Canada is intent on giving Canada her "Vietnam".

    They are anti military and are wholeheartedly against the rebuilding of Canada's military strength.

    This latest torture mess has seriously undermined what is left of our mission in Afghanistan. If we were going to probe these allegations, it would have done our forces a great service to wait until after our withdrawl in 2011.

    Pretty shameful on the part of the opposition.

    Who originally appointed Colvin? Was it the Liberals?

  5. I wasn't one of the fortunate few interviewed by Harris-Decima, but my own opinion is: Canadian soldiers fighting in a foreign Country are obligated to turn enemy fighters over to the authorities of THAT Country,then get on with fighting the war,and beating hell out of the enemy,nothing more.

    Our troops have enough problems without the bleeding hearts forcing them to worry about the treatment of the enemy after they're handed over.

    What kind of mental derangement causes people to NOT worry about our soldiers,while constantly hand-wringing and crying over alleged mistreatment of the bastards who are trying to kill our people?