Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sarah Palin is not qualified to be President of the United States

Let me start by saying that I don't believe Barak Obama is qualified for the job either; ergo I believe experience is very important to qualify an individual to be leader of the free world. Obama's inexperience could be the ruin of us all, and it will take a special kind of person to follow in his footsteps. I am very much invested with who is on the Republican ticket in 2012, and I don't want Palin's name on the ballot. It is not a hatred based opinion, but rather a pragmatic assessment of Global Security. My ideal ticket would be Giuliani-Romney.

Is Giuliani experienced enough? He has never been a Governor, but he has an impressive list of accolades. In 1981 Rudy was tapped by none other than the administration of one Ronald Reagan to become Associate Attorney General, one of the most important law enforcement posts in the entire country. Sarah Palin was in high school. In a mere two years, Rudy was promoted to District Attorney of New York where he successfully prosecuted over 4000 convictions and a paltry 25 reversals. Violent criminals taken off the streets, dramatically lowering crime rates in one of the most powerful cities in the world. Right around the time that Giuliani was preparing his rico prosecution against the heads of "the Five Families", Palin was 20 years old and running for Miss Alaska. Rudy had the balls to prosecute the heads of the criminal underworld while Sarah was running in a beauty contest.

When 9/11 happened, Rudy Giuliani was coordinating disaster response for the worst terrorist attack in American history, and he did a fantastic job....while Palin was sitting as mayor of an obscure little town that nobody had ever heard of before she became famous. Do I think Rudy is perfect, not at all. But the western world is at war, and for my war time President I choose to endorse a pit-bull like Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy Giuliani has been on the front lines of the war against bad guys since Palin was a teenager. It is okay to be a fan of Palin. I don't dislike her and I am not promoting an agenda of hate. I even have feelings of affection for her, I would love to see her get her own television program, and I want her to continue promoting the Republican Party. But if and when she announces that she is running for the top slot on the 2012 Republican ticket, I will be among the first the pundits to say NO NO NO.

I apologize if I offended people who like Palin by writing that people who endorse her for President are delusional, but that is my opinion. Maybe it is not a delusion, maybe it is a hypnotic state. I'm just trying to come by with the smelling salts.

But I am far from channeling Maher when I write that…

I have always maintained that I like Sarah Palin as a person and I think that she has a bright future in our society, but anyone who thinks that she can win on a national ticket is delusional.


  1. Ronald Reagan chose Rudy Giuliani for a critical law enforcement post. Reagan never knew who Sarah Palin was. I think if R.R were alive today, he would endorse Rudy in my webpoll.

  2. Much like Obama to many dems, Palin is an empty suit people can project whatever they want on to. While she is certainly a likeable personality, I think many like her more because of her enemies than anything she has accomplished. A lot of people believe Rush Limbaugh would make a good President for the same reason.

    I came to my own conclusion about her very early in the race, during an interview with a group who know her intimately: extended family and friends. The reporter asked if they felt she was ready for the job. The answer was "Sarah is a very fast learner and I am sure she will be surrounded by people who can guide her..." An honest answer and very revealing.

  3. Recognising that Sarah Palin was number 2 on the ticket.
    Looking at the past year,would Sarah Palin have done a better job than BO.
    Please consider international diplomacy as well as domestic policy.

  4. Nice sentiments poorly expressed. To my mind what matters is personal integrity and past performance.

    Personal integrity is what you do when no one is looking. Palin held to her pro-life beliefs even when it meant a personal burden would be placed on her. Can the same be said of Obama, Clinton etc.

    Personal integrity is standing by your word in the face of intimidation and inducements. Palin cleaned up the cesspool that was Alaska politics inspite of all the threats and inducements coming from both the Democrats and the Republicans because that was what she was elected to do.

    I'm not an American and really have no dog in this fight but seeing the corruption that Palin faced when she became governor of Alaska and the way she cleaned it up is an act of heroism. I would hope that should she win the presidency she is able to do the same in Washington.

    Now I don't know about you but I believe that a woman could be President of the USA. I believe that a socially conservative woman that holds to her beliefs would make an excellent President of the USA. I believe that a socially conservative woman who has not been brainwashed with what passes for higher education these days would be a superb President of the USA. I believe that a socially conservative woman from a distant state who lacks the network of the 'old boys club' may be just what the USA needs to clean up the mess that is going to be left by the incumbent.