Monday, November 2, 2009

British Invasion

Evidently the royal family making a trip to Canada counts as a really big news story. I hope that they enjoy their visit to Canada and remember to cough into their sleeves. Perhaps it is because of my Scottish ancestry that I was pre-programmed with skepticism of the British Crown; and Patrick McGoohan's portrayal of Edward the Longshanks really clinched it. "The trouble with Scotland is that it's full of Scots!" Then I researched the sons of Edward and their 100 years war, and any affinity that I may have felt for the Monarchy was vanquished. Though let me say, I give the British lots of credit for the 20th century, the World Wars in particular. Winston Churchill remains my favourite politician that ever lived.

I remember during the last World Cup of soccer, I decided to annoy my British co-worker (who enjoyed alleging that I sleep with sheep) by rooting for France. I repeatedly spoke to him in French throughout the tournament. By the end of the tournament, a group of 15 workers at our site were sitting around during a coffee break when the Englishman said:

"Portugal cost England the World Cup"

I responded with;

"Genetics cost England the World Cup"

There was an awkward pause of about 10 seconds, and then the entire job site erupted in laughter. There was a lot of entertainment value in the Brit/Scot rivalry. I still say that my Prime Minister is my head of state.


  1. The Queen is desended from James VI of Scotland, therefor she has just as much right to rule Scotland as she does England

  2. True, the PM should be our "head of state", moreso than the figurehead which is the Queen. I liked the late Patrick McGoohan much better as Secret Agent (CBC's Danger Man) or as The Prisoner during the brief series shot in the uniquely picturesque Port Merion, Wales. I still find the Royals to have considerable entertainment value, but I no longer view anything practical in a hierarchal relationship, except for the respect and thanksgiving coincident with a fine heritage.