Friday, November 13, 2009

Bob Rae to hire Ian Davey?

I thought that maybe I heard someone say that maybe Bob Rae was considering hiring Ian Davey to become his new Chief Field Marshall. I can't confirm that this is true, but I will say that as a Conservative, I would strongly advise the Liberal Party of Canada to strongly consider keeping Ian Davey in a high power post. He is brilliant tactician who should continue to mandate Liberal policy. If the LPC is lucky, then Mr Davey should have his fingerprints all over Iggy's "secret policy platform". The more Davey the Liberal Party can get, the better. In fact, it would be even better if you had Davey do the hiring and firing for LPC staffers. This is really the direction that the Liberal Party should go.

And so begins a new webpoll. I have my next 30 poll ideas already stacked up. I like running them for a week to maximize vote counts, and I don't want any more than 5 running at the same time. I love running polls because I am a mathematician and a political junkie. We will see if I ever have the space for my "best Bill Murray character performance" poll.

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  1. I suppose it is ironic that the man who selected Ignatieff turned out to be a complete idiot.