Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm a man, I'm 30!

This week, the Iceman reaches a special milestone, goodbye 20's, hello 30's. That age when your body starts to slow down, but your eyes see the world with greater clarity. There are Liberals whom I'm sure would eagerly debate the merits of my "clarity", but I will not be deterred by the musings of the misguided. To those Libs, I would remind you that there are some Conservatives who don't like me anymore than you do. Such is the nature of being a Libertarian.

One of the gifts that I received was a beautiful Canada Olympic shirt. The logo is magnificent! It is about time that a governing party had the insight to put "C" for Canada on an Olympic uniform. I don't like it being coloured Liberal red, but you can't always be perfect. I will be wearing that shirt with pride during the upcoming Olympic Games in Vancouver, proudly flaunting that majestic "C".

When you reach a milestone like this, you wonder what you would say to a younger you when you turned 20. If only I knew then what I know now, how would my life have been different? What pain could I have avoided, what opportunities could I have followed? And yet, if who you are now is very happy, would you change anything at all? To paraphrase Kanye West, as much as I can wish that I could right my wrongs, it's funny, these same wrongs helped me write this song. Really, all that I can do is reflect on the mistakes of my youth and use them to be the man that I want to be, even if I am an asshole. The wise philosopher Dennis Leary said it best "I'm just a regular Joe with a regular job, I'm your average white, suburbanite slob. I like football, and porno, and books about war."

I would also like to thank Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy for the inspiration for the title of this post. This whole week, I have been walking around saying "I'm a man, I'm 30"!

And Happy Thanksgiving USA!

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