Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Slam Chop

I get a kick out of this guy who does those Slam Chop and Sham Wow infomercials. My first thought when I see him is what did he really want to be when he grew up? Did he always want to be an infomercial salesman, or did he fall into this gig after being rejected for that supporting role in According to Jim?

My next question is, how much would it cost to book this guy for a commercial? I have a blog, and let's say that I wanted to promote my site on television using the Slam Chop guy. How much would it cost me to book him, shoot the infomercial, then buy a 30 minute spot on Saturday mornings on the History channel? I am curious. I could market my blog as the "Liberal Chop Wow", where I take books of Liberal policy and chop them to pieces, then clean up the mess. The only problem being that the Liberal Party is too afraid of their own stupidity to actually release real policy. Instead the "Liberal Chop Wow" has to target Ignatieff's Hidden Agenda...


  1. Ignatieff has a "hidden agenda"? I always though he was quite up front about his agenda,he wants to be the PM, and enact all the Liberal's pet legislation they've had to defer these last few years.

    Iggy -in-charge would be much like the Chretien years, lots of nice contracts handed out to the Party faithful, lots of appointments of friends to high positions, and the usual backroom boys looting the treasury,while the PM smiles benignly.

    The MSM would find a way to "love" him,too, just like they did "da little guy from Shawinigan".

  2. That's the guy. A prostitute bit his tongue and would not let go? Seriously? I have abandoned my plan to hire Vince to promote my blog in an infomercial...

  3. Dude, I was gonna say... but you could hire me - I do a pretty mean infomercial (I'll put it up on Youtube after my company's Christmas banquet! Just finished taping it. Will be similar to the slapchop, shamwow, and snuggie ads).

    Anyway, I wonder if he'll still have a job doing commercials when he gets out? Or will he not be able to speak properly anymore - I mean, how's the guy's tongue (and at least it was his tongue!)

  4. For the record, I had no intention of hiring the Slam Chop guy to promote my site. I am curious to know his market rate...or at least his market rate before the prostitute bit his tongue off. If someone is biting your tongue, I imagine it is tough to talk your way out of the situation.