Saturday, November 14, 2009

French Animosity Towards Ignatieff?

I am curious to know where this myth that Mike Ignatieff is very popular in Quebec came from. It seems like from the very moment that the Liberals flew him in from Boston, the spin doctors were citing his popularity in la Belle Province as justification for pumping him to be the Liberal leader. I feel like sending an e-mail to the Discovery Channel's Mythbusters with the question "Mike Ignatieff very popular among the French, fact or myth?" It is as though we were being told the French loved Iggy pop long before most Quebecers even knew who the Hell he was! Have we seen any evidence of any popularity in Quebec? None, except the opinion of Chantal Hebert, and even she is wavering now.

I would like to go back to the theme where Iggy was proclaiming any Tory policy initiative which included Quebec to be a "national unity crisis"; because with a new Tory blue seat near Quebec City, the only thing I'm seeing is a "Liberal unity crisis". I believe that Iggy's French popularity is about as believable as Enzyte growing my "package". Not only is Iggy not popular in Quebec, he appears toxic. Maybe that's what happens when you let a bunch of kooks in an office at Toronto run your Quebec policies?

Let's also not forget that nearly 200 years ago Iggy's beloved Czarist ancestors were locked in mortal combat with the French. Hundreds of thousands of Frenchmen died on Russian soil in 1812, and with them died the dream of global French supremacy. Let's be clear, those Frenchmen were killed because of the cowardice of the Cossacks and the ferocity of the Russian winter. Rather than engage the French in battle, Iggy's forefathers decided it would be a better idea to retreat, retreat, retreat, and torch their own country as they fled. Scorched earth was born because a bunch of scared cowards where too chicken to stand and fight. You can see parallels with how Donolo is running the show out of the gate.

They lured the French deep into Russia, and when a particularly harsh winter hit, the loss of French life was devastating. The French resorted to eating their own French horses. Yes, Ignatieff's ancestors inflicted this suffering upon innocent farm animals by acting with careless malice! Napoleon's great miscalculation was assuming that no sane leadership would torch their own country. But the Czars and the goofs working for them had a unique brand of depraved incompetence that was highlighted by their surrender of power to the Bolsheviks that would inflict death upon untold millions.

And to think Ignatieff is proud of his family history, so much so that he writes books about how great he is and how we should all envy his lineage. Is that not the ultimate act of vanity? Vanity, definitely Ignatieff's favourite sin.

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  1. A) Denis Coderre in Quebec vouch for him?

    B) His interview in the 70's a pink suit?

    Nice post more detail.