Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Making It Rain

It sure has rained a lot in British Columbia this past week, though I looked outside and it is not raining right now. My life has been mildly inconvenienced, and I am furious at Stephen Harper for making it rain! It may be completely dry outside right now, but the CBC just ran a story that BC is soaked under torrential downpours and generally I allow the CBC to dictate to me what I should be outraged about. Considering the mighty power that Stephen Harper exudes over time and space, he is surely to blame for the rain. I don't blame it on the rain; I blame it on the evil Tories.

It is just like the pig flu. Sure the Government of Canada response has been one of the best in the world at fighting this pandemic with a lower mortality rate than the normal flu, but a kid died so Bob Rae is completely justified to appear on the CBC and tell people that they are going to die in a vain attempt to incite mass hysteria. Let's remember, the calm and rational folks over at the LPC and CBC were going ape-shit over the pig flu at the moment in time when the government had provided more vaccine per capita than the overwhelming majority of developed nations. The Vancouver Sun was completely justified printing newspapers with the giant headline IT IS GOING TO GET A LOT WORSE!!! at the exact turning point when it started to get better. They are just concerned about the public good, and are totally not trying to scare people into spending $1.50 on their paper. Interesting though when I went back to check the link, there was no text...

This was my daily affirmation, and yes, it was completely, totally, and utterly sarcastic. I wanted to take a moment to poke some fun at the people who intentionally incite fear in the general populace for self-serving reasons.

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