Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am a Scared Coward

Given that a fellow Blogging Tory has recently accused me of being a coward because I don't want people channelling Mike Tyson on my comment section; I have decided that instead of attempting to refute the allegations, the best course of action is to steer into the slide and embrace it. I fully confess, Raging Tory makes me a little bit nervous. I write my opinion (with a few superlative jokes) that Sarah Palin is not qualified to be President of the United States (polling indicates that roughly 90% of Americans agree with me), and he becomes totally unhinged. I feel like a journalist at a Mike Tyson Press Conference watching Iron Mike spout off "I'm going to fuck you till you love me faggot", wondering if he has gone nuts enough to jump into the audience.

So yes, I embrace my cowardice, and maintain that Sarah Palin should never run for President and that people who believe she should are either foolhardy or downright ignorant. It is okay to like her and I think she would make a terrific talk show host, but I want to keep her out of the Oval Office. If that means that I will incur the rage of people on the far right, so be it. I am grateful to live in a country where I have the freedom to have an opinion, even if sometimes it does hassle the Hoff. I don't want the guy going Mike Tyson on my comment section, and if that means I am a coward, then by all means not only am I a coward, I am a scared coward! Hoff is a real man. Just like Mike Tyson...


  1. Finally! Someone with a brain. (Being pro-Palin doesn't make you far-right, just dumb. I'm far-right and am thoroughly disappointed with her).

  2. Mind if I throw out a thought on Palin?

    Do you suppose her recent activities are more about putting the left in a rage so they do something collectively stupid?

    She's playing them like a harp.

    If you think she shouldn't run, you probably have good wellthougth out reasons, just as the folks that think she should also have reasons.
    Myself, I don't know whether she should or shouldn't, I do know she gets a reaction from democrats. But while she's getting all that attention from the MSM and the democrat attack dogs, it takes their attention off of the other possible candidates...and it makes them look much more moderate even though some have said the same things as Palin.

    Thats my little bit.

  3. I read you both, and find things I agree and disagree with you both on (he seems to have a bit of a religious fixation that I don't think bodes well for his mental health, but that's his particular problem). Given that Palin has as much or more real-world political experience as Obama does, I don't she why she COULDN'T be President (provided she remembers to keep her superstitions out of office), but there HAVE to be better-qualified candidates out there. As long as the Republican party finds itself playing a willing hostage to the religious wackjob fringe, they're just pushing moderates away from the party, and putting themselves into perennial NDP status.

  4. Gimbol, you have it so very, very wrong. The leftwingers/liberals/Democrats would love to have Sarah run for the GOP ticket, They think it is great idea, they really, really do.

    People like the Raging Tory and the Dodo have our full support, Palin in 2012 ALL THE WAY