Monday, November 16, 2009

Dennis Miller interviews former Gitmo JAG officer Kyndra Rotunda

If you want the most honest and accurate account of what has transpired at Guantanamo Bay, listen to this interview. I strongly recommend the book Honour Bound: Inside the Guantanamo Trials as a Christmas gift for the political junkies in your family. To listen to the interview, download the Dennis Miller podcast for free on I-Tunes, or visit Miller's home on the web.

This most recent interview discusses the problems with holding trials for enemy combatants in an American court. If you browse the archives, in past interviews she busts myths about Gitmo, what legal rights are afforded to them, and provides some fascinating statistics about prisoner releases and rate of recidivism. A lot of these guys when released return to the battlefield. Hence why POWs are not required to be released until after the cessation of hostilities.

Just listen to the interview and decide for yourself. She knows far, far more about Gitmo than Bob Rae could ever dream...

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