Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ian Davey looking for work?

I am considering running a webpoll in honour of Ian Davey, former Ignatieff Field Marshall who is now looking for work. What is he best qualified to do? I'm thinking used car salesman, but he's not so good at selling shitty recycled crap. Just look at his last job. This one I definitely need to put to a nomination process to harvest some ideas. Should he be working at a scrap yard breaking down out of commission hardware? There are lots of ideas. I would really like to help him out. When he goes down to his local HRDC office with his resume, I would like to offer him some ideas for where he should submit his applications. Given that he has been working closely with Ignatieff the past few years, perhaps he should work at a sewage treatment plant?

Now that Ian Davey, former Iggy Chief of Staff, is unemployed; what career is he best suited to pursue?


  1. Ventriloquist
    Vaudeville PRODUCER

    The rationale for these employment opportunities are obvious as far as I'm concerned......

  2. He could try pan-handling for change, but he might starve to death.

  3. Sanitation engineer, (someone who carefully empties the refuse containers). He has limited experience cleaning up internal, household rubbish. Since the big, stinky, strike in Toronto this year, I understand the pay is pretty good and there is a lot of respect that goes with the job. Cheers.

  4. One of those people who cuts the nuts off of farm animals?

  5. Davey can learn how to collect bad debts.Iffy still owes him $40000 for leadership campaign loans.

  6. A cleaner .. He could do quite well cleaning skeletons and assorted crap out of lieberal closets.

    Rob C