Friday, November 20, 2009

Star Trek

This evening I purchased my copy of the new Star Trek DVD by J.J Abrams. I had already paid to attend the theatrical release, and now I paid a premium price to own the full feature DVD package. Yes, I am a Trekker, and I think this is a fantastic film. It was beautifully casted, and I hope that Mr Abrams makes more Star Trek films after this one. Note that as a 19 year old, I did win a Regional Qualifier for the Star Trek Customizable Card Game, but I declined my invitation to the World Championships because the summer ended and I had to go back to school. For all our extra curricular fun, sometimes reality calls. My biggest complaint with this film is that Scotty is not introduced until well after the one hour mark. Scotty should have been there from the start. My DNA is 75% Scottish, and I am a disciple of Scottish Economist Adam Smith.

Mr. Abrams, please make more Star Trek movies. I will be spending my consumer dollars to consume your product.


  1. Oh, I couldn't agree more with you -- loved this film! I just bought it on Blu-Ray (we just got a Blu-Ray player a couple of weeks ago).

    Your complaint about Scotty's late introduction is very valid. That was a disappointment for me too.

    In all, though, the cast was great and the movie was, I think, the best Star Trek film yet.

  2. Great movie. It was very funny how they introduced the old characters in their younger versions one by one.

    Gives you an optimistic look at the future as the series always did. An outlook we need these days with all the anti-science, anti-reason mentality we have these days.

  3. I think Abrams' version is much less optimistic than Roddenberry's version.

    In Rodenberry's version, Nero commits genocide against the Vulcans, despite the fact that he (a Romulan) is racially the same as them.

    At the end of the film, one recalls that Spock talks about relocating the remaining Vulcans on a new planet.

    I thought the Zionist implications are fairly evident. This probably should have been a fairly controversial film based on its ending. If the sequel proceeds with the film's logical momentum, the next one may indeed be controversial.

  4. What are you trying to say here Mr Ross? Are you suggesting the screenplay was written by "Zionists"? Are you suggesting that you want to see a controversy.

    The Iceman is an ardent supporter of Israel, just so you know. And yes, there was a Holocaust.