Monday, November 9, 2009

Ignatieff... Where's Waldo?

Has anyone else noticed that Mike Ignatieff has done virtually no television in the run up to these byelections? Evidently Donolo recognizes that his alpha dog is toxic and the party stands the best chance at gaining votes if they quarantine Iggy Pop. The best way to sell the Liberal brand right now is without Mike Ignatieff's face on it. Way to go Liberals, you sure know how to choose them! Oh that's right, when you had the choice, you decided that Stephane Dion was more electable than Ignatieff. I remember the despondent looks on the faces of Team Ignatieff when the majority of the Rae camp broke to Dion. Now we understand why they did. It would have been interesting to watch Liberals actually vote on their leader again instead of a back room deal to thrust Iggy into the driver's seat. He flipped the car on the 3rd turn.

Byelections and no Ignatieff on the CBC? Curious.


  1. My TSX added a cool 230 points today!

  2. You are absolutely right - the news cycle has been "screaming" about the Olympic torch route, H1N1, Senator Duffy, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, student marches in downtown Toronto (apparently home turf to the Liberal Party of Toronto), Berlin Wall, Fort Hood, hurricane Ida etc. But where is the intrepid leader of the Liberals? Someone should tell him and his Toronto brain trust, that you lead from the front, not the rear. Cheers.

  3. Hey.......Iggy's not leading from the rear. He's so far back from the rear he can barely keep it in sight.

  4. The month of September the Liberals rolled the dice to get the monkey off their back.

    The rolled craps.

    Now they have been scrambling trying to figure out how to take the dice roll back.

    They asked voters to take another look at a party that has done nothing but complain and cry wolf for months, and put the NDP, Bloc in charge to avoid a $ 300 million dollar election.

    The loss of 3% is a small price. The CPC can continue to push the opposition hard on legislation. In January they gain control of the Senate.
    Slow and steady, in December the opposition have another opportunity to prove they have no stomach for an election.

  5. What don't you plebes realize that I Iggy am the PM? Everyone knows that I Iggy the PM of all the Canadas will adhere to the Prime Ministerial tradition of not participating in by-elections.

  6. Bob Rea is will be the next Gong show.