Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Conservative Audience

I have recently become aware of the newest "fad" by left wing comedians, where they go to real gatherings of conservative people posing as some important conservative with the objective of tricking people into believing rather asinine even ridiculous claims. The comedian (who video records everything) then shows it to his Liberal friends as evidence that conservative people are idiots who just blindly follow what their pundits tell them without thinking about it. Many try to sell the video footage to news media, websites, magazines, film producers, whomever will buy it. I am a Conservative Blogger with a predominantly conservative audience. I do get a lot of traffic from an office in Toronto, but I would peg 80% plus of my hits come from right wingers. I also get a lot of hits from college/university web servers in the form of google searches for specific topics. My economic theories may be cut and pasted throughout the essays of university students across the country.

Anyway, I decided to put my audience to the test. I presented the theory that Sly Stallone was responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union. It is a fun topic of conversation to bring up at a Grey Cup party, see how many people you can convince. The two main talking points are 1) within a month of the release of Rocky 4, Gorbachev promotes Yeltsin to the politburo, 2) 10 days before the release of Rambo III, the Soviets began their withdrawal from Afghanistan. Coincidence, or cause and effect? I don't actually believe Sly is solely responsible to the collapse of the iron curtain, but as a fan of his work I like to believe that he played a part.

After posting my theory that Sly Stallone tore down the Berlin wall, I posted this webpoll. Judge for yourself how pliable my audience is.

Who deserves the most credit for tearing down the Berlin wall?

Reagan (63%)
the people of Germany (21%)
Gorbachev (11%)
Stallone (2%)

I represented a full 50% of the Stallone votes. I voted a second time from a friend's computer.

At present count, 54% of my audience wants to colonize the moon. In this instance, I actually do want a manned base on Luna Firma, but the part about using it as a launching pad should we ever need to invade Mars for its oil supply, that was a joke. The biggest reason I want a base on the moon, is because it would be really awesome to go visit. I'm hoping that the moon is a tourist destination in my lifetime. Honestly. Could you imagine if they had a driving range on the moon? You could fire balls into outerspace!

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