Friday, November 20, 2009

Liberals and Tory Web Polls

The left is flocking to Sarah Palin when her name appears in a web poll, and these dipshits vote more than once. Some conservatives vote in polls, but the Liberals take it to another level, where someone like Dupmar will visit my site 40 times in a day and vote as much as he can. Given the choice between Palin and Obama, they are voting for Palin over their own Messiah. Rather than vote for whom they believe is the best, they are voting for whom they believe taints the poll...ergo, they are not reflecting their honest opinion. I have all their IP addresses flagged, but it would be nice if I could block them from voting. Maybe what I should do is measure what percentage of votes come from the nuts, and subtract that from the totals when I publish the final results in my archives. For other Blogging Tories looking to flag ardent Liberals, Dupmar's IP address is and he is based out of Toronto. Say, isn't Iggy Pop's Command and Control run out of Toronto?

"I hate Conservatives, but I really fucking hate Liberals"

-Matt Stone, co-creator of South Park

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  1. Palin as Republican nominee is a Democrat dream come true!