Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Remember the Withdrawal from Vietnam

As my Canadian soldiers are fighting for freedom in Afghanistan while Canadian politicians such as Jack Layton want to bring them home, I say to all NATO allies; if you are going to withdraw from Afghanistan, be prepared to bring thousands of refugees home with you. I remember watching a chilling documentary two years ago about the American withdrawal from Vietnam. As the Americans were leaving, thousands if not millions of South Vietnamese were crowding the ports begging to leave with the foreign fighters whom they had been fighting with side by side for a decade. As the last American boats were leaving the docks, scores of Vietnamese people were even jumping into the ocean to swim after the boats. With the Communist army marching on Saigon, hundreds of thousands of capitalism loving Vietnamese wanted to hitch a ride with the Americans back to the United States.

Watch the faces of the South Vietnamese people as the Americans were leaving. It is chilling and sad. Perhaps it was a mistake for those soldiers to have ever touched down in Vietnam, and maybe the Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened, either way the United States did make some friends along the way. Sadly a large number of those people were massacred in the Fall of Saigon, and their voices were silenced for eternity.

I do not want to condemn the Afghani people who have befriended my Canadian soldiers to suffer the same fate.


  1. The war ain't over ice.

    Sometime soon the Obamasia has to follow through on his promise to send more troops, I just hope its while the Pakistani army is still pushing from the other side of the P-A border.
    If they keep those POS timtally's under stress till then they will have scant resourses available to do their annual counter-offensive this spring to get the opium crop to market.

  2. Before we bring the troops home, why don't we try one last tactic;let the military fight the war the way they can,with no political interference,and no day-to-day reporting by our MSM.

    Give briefings on the progress weekly,in Toronto,Washington,D.C., and London,and let the MSM write their articles afterward.

    An old soldier friend of mine,WW2 combat veteran now deceased,once said that we wouldn't have won WW2 with the intense scrutiny of the media,like they had in Vietnam.

    War is ugly,and filtering our troops actions through the eyes of the Arts communities in the West's universities is a BIG propaganda mistake.