Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Giuliani-Romney 2012

I would like to make a suggestion to Rudy and Mitt. I want both of you two on the Republican ticket in 2012, and I don't really care in what order. If both of you decide to run for the Republican leadership, I would like you to agree to a deal, if either of you win the nomination you will select the other as your running mate. I want a Giuliani-Romney ticket, or even Romney-Giuliani. I am not entirely comfortable with the Mormon Church, but Mitt comes across as the sort to separate Church and State. But if we find out that Mitt gets marching orders from the Grand Temple in Salt Lake City, you are disqualified from my ideal Republican ballot. My parents live in Salt Lake City and I visit them often. We are not fans of the LDS, ergo Mitt must be a really great candidate for me to want him on the ticket, possibly as President.

One of the all-time best episodes of South Park was the one regarding Joseph Smith.

Mike Huckabee creeps me out. Ron Paul is a little too Libertarian. Sarah Palin is better suited for beauty pageants and a talk show. Jindal, no chance. Maybe there is a solid governor out there, but when I look at the preliminary list, I want Rudy and Mitt.

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  1. Tim Pawlenty/Piyush Jindal would be a better choice. Pawlenty comes from a blue collar background and has a good track record as a conservative governor as well as someone who was popular among the working class in Minnesota. Piyush 'Bobby' Jindal is the very popular governor. He also has a reputation for being a "genius", having reformed the Louisiana Healthcare System after he graduated from Oxford at the age of 25. Both are young, energetic, and would be formidable opponents to Obama.