Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why are Liberals so desperate to raise awareness of their own war crimes?

In 2005 the Liberal government of Paul Martin, led by Defence Minister Bill Graham, signed a deal to hand over prisoners to Afghan officials. Once in Afghan custody, it is alleged that detainees were tortured by Afghan police, and thus by allowing this to happen the Liberal Government was complicit in violating the Geneva Conventions. They signed the deal that sent innocents into harm's way, and failed to ensure proper oversight and humane treatment of detainees in the deal that they signed. When Liberal hero Richard Colvin was sent to Afghanistan in 2006, immediately after the Liberals were removed from power, he noted that abuse and torture of innocents was rampant. Ergo, under Bill Graham, we were knowingly sending scores of civilians into torture. Shame on you Bill Graham and Paul Martin.

Michael Ignatieff was quoted as saying "When will the prime minister replace his minister of national defence, who is incompetent, and replace him with a minister who can be sure the Geneva Convention will be respected by our allies and by Canada itself?" And I'm pretty sure he was talking directly to Paul Martin, ironic since Ignatieff himself believes adamantly in using "coerced interrogations" as an evidence collection technique. Thankfully the Conservatives were elected in 2006 and set to drafting a new deal that would ensure adherence to International Law.

When Richard Colvin came forward to publicly announce the folly of the torture treaty signed by the Martin administration, the Liberals dim wittedly latched on to this issue in a lame attempt to flip their evil deeds back on the government who cleaned up their mess. For reasons that this pundit cannot understand, they began to shout and scream about the torture that the treaty they signed created. They initiated the torture, and are now trying to blame their own mess on the government that cleaned it up. That's like Liberals blaming the Sponsorship Scandal on the Tories. This is insane. Not only are we providing a platform for far left radicals to proclaim Canadian complicity in torture, but we are diminishing the accomplishments and tarnishing the integrity of the fine men and women who serve this country in our Armed Forces.

What sense does it make for Liberals to call public attention to their own war crimes? How can this possibly benefit them? There is a story about a little girl named Pandora who owned a beautiful box that contained untold evils. For whatever reason, Pandora felt compelled to open the box, and fury was unleashed upon her. Not unlike what the Liberals are doing right now calling attention to their own war crimes. Shame on you Liberals.


  1. ''..he noted that abuse and torture of innocents was rampant...''

    Colvin said all detainees were subject to torture,
    but.....his own 2007 (not 2006) memo stated that MOST detainees were RELEASED:

    '...He said all the detainees Canadians turned over to Afghan authorities were tortured. The memo suggests that most turned out to be of little value.

    In fact, Amrullah Saleh, chief of Afghanistan's National Directorate of Security, told Canadians most prisoners were later released – meaning they weren't likely high-value captures, according to the memo....''

    AND this article goes further, saying those prisoners beated were not even from the detainee area, they were locals, and beaten for money.

    ''...Many non-political prisoners were beaten, and of the political prisoners,
    many would have been arrested NOT by Canadians, but by Afghan authorities...''

    thankyou journalist Matthew Fisher

  2. The Liberals know that if they state their lie often enough,it will become the truth. It once was that way in Canada, but current Liberal leadership is SO inept,they've lost the awe of the sycophants in the MSM, and even some of the Party faithful are beginning to question their agenda.

    The Liberals seem stuck on Chretien-era tactics,which,thanks to sources other than the MSM, aren't very effective anymore.

    A question I would like to ask current Liberal leadership; why should we be concerned about the treatment of Afghan prisoners by the Afghan authorities? Most of the prisoners were caught trying to kill OUR soldiers.

    Must we continue to be the "Boy Scouts" of the world?

  3. The Liberals and their minions in the media are obviously desperate. We ARE at war.