Friday, November 13, 2009

The Olympic Torch is in Newfoundland?

I am watching CBC news and I see the Olympic torch in Newfoundland. The Tories do not have any seats on "the Rock", what the hell is going on? The Olympics are supposed to be a partisan propaganda tool that us Tories can use to boost our own standing in the country, and I don't want the torch to spend a single minute in a non-conservative riding! I am outraged that the torch has touched down in Newfoundland! Whomever planned the torch route was supposed to keep it away from Liberal ridings, so that Liberal MPs cannot slip into precious Conservative photo ops! Oh the humanity! The Liberals don't have many seats left outside of Montreal and Toronto, it should be easy to keep the flame out of their ridings. Come on partisan torch planners, do your damned jobs right next time!

P.S: If you are unaware of the concept of sarcasm, you probably should not have read this. I was attempting to spoof Don Martin's feigned outrage at the partisan nature of the torch route. Generally anyime I break out a "oh the humanity" it is as satire.


  1. Yup. It was all a big conspiracy between the Conservative Party, the Hudson's Bay Company, VANOC, and whomever the hell is selling those Olympic mittens.

    How about... aliens? Can we get some aliens in on this, too?

  2. I am fully aware of the concept of sarcasm - and I think it is perfectly used in this situation!
    I find that sarcasm usually makes the point you are trying to make better than just making the point...