Friday, November 20, 2009

Public Inquiries

I couldn't help but hear on TV, the Opposition demand a Public Inquiry on prisoners of war in Afghanistan. Public Inquiries cost a lot of money, and while sometimes they are necessary, often they are not. In this instance I trust my Armed Forces to do the right thing on the battlefield. I can't comment much beyond that because I was not there and I do not know exactly what happened. I completely defer my opinion to Chris Alexander on this issue. Whatever he says about it, that is my opinion. I trust him implicitly on all things relating to Canada in Afghanistan.

And that's really all that I have to say on this subject. On the matter of the Geneva conventions, the reason that they distinguish rights given to uniformed soldiers is because combatants who blend in to the civilian populations are the people putting innocents in harm's way.


  1. Public Inquiries can be quashed just as the meat is about to fall from the bone.Just ask Chretien about that.

    Their mandates can be deliberately limited in scope to protect certain people or organizations from fallout.

    They are usually, though not always ,just publicity stunts.

  2. Our guys are getting killed in Afghanistan and the Libs and the Dippers are worried that a few Afghanistans, or very likely Taliban ar getting beaten with cables etc.