Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Robert Reich

As one economist to another, Robert Reich has a flawed opinion. I saw him on the Lang and O'Leary exchange today, and I hit the mute button. His economics is based in left wing ideology, and I pretty much know what he's going to say before he says it. While I have no doubt that he is a very smart man, the foundation at the core of his beliefs is fundamentally flawed. If you see him speaking on television, what he is saying has little to no value and I recommend changing the station. There is virtually nothing that man will say that will improve the quality of your life.

That's about all that I ever care to write about Robert Reich.


  1. Dear Iceman:

    For the benefit of those who might not hit the mute button (since we might not know what he is going to say):

    Could you perhaps explain in greater detail? What exactly is it that Reich says that is wrong, and why?

  2. I haven't always hit the mute button. I have listened to several interviews with him over the past 5 years and developed an opinion based on my own education in Mathematical Economics. I did not break out a notepad and write down specifically each point of contention each time that I disagreed. The biggest point of departure was an interview with I believe the Economist sometime in the last 3 years. I listened to the podcast and he had upset me over economic theory. Again I did not care to write down when and what. I just wrote a 200 word blog post because I saw him being interviewed on the CBC. I know that he is not someone that people should be listening to. This is not a doctoral thesis, so fuck off!

    Until such day as I do write a graduate thesis on Rob Reich, maybe you can tell me what you like about him and we can move forward from there? I have already wasted more of my life writing about him than I would have cared to.

  3. If you are allied with Mr Reich, you are probably lucky that I have mostly forgotten his rant that upset me. I had a very strong rebuttal, though that was in the days before I had a blog to discuss my opinion in a public forum.

  4. Who really cares anyway, of the 2000 people who visited my site today, a whole 18 clicked on the Reich post.

  5. Whoa.

    Perhaps I should have paid more attention to the "that's all I ever care to write about Robert Reich". (Sorry about that).

    I'm not allied with him. And I know very little about him, or economics. But I do like to know more about whatever it is I'm being told not to trust.

    I'll search for the CBC story.