Saturday, November 28, 2009

Paul Martin; your life out of politics

I was in a bookstore last week, and I saw the new book Paul Martin; My Life Out of Politics, and I had a good laugh. All that I could say in response is "Paul Martin, I'm really happy that your life is out of politics!" I was thinking of alternate titles for his new book, such as "destroying the Liberal Party come hell or high water" or perhaps "Signing the cheques for the Sponsorship Program; A Love Story" or "A bold fresh piece of Liberal feces" or "appointing idiots to cabinet" or "My life destroying the Liberal Party"...I smell a webpoll coming on. Any suggestions?


  1. After Cretin I thought that Martin would be an improvement, but Mr. Dithers turned out to be quite stupid. He will be remembered as the greatest disappointment in Canadian political history. My suggestion would be "Bombed"

  2. Hey all,

    Both Chretien & Mulroney released memoirs in the span of six months, and I went to see them read (and get my books signed) at the Chapters in Vancouver. The crowds were huge --several hundred people. When Martin toured there were maybe two dozen people there, and that included a handful of Liberal MP's. It was a sad, unfocused affair, much like his term as PM.


  3. How About "The Only People Who Love Me Are in Daycares".

    What I really don't like about Martin, apart from his mantle of being a great finance minister when he downloaded his deficits onto the provinces and the municipalities, is the fact that he hardly ever turned up in the House of Commons but kept on drawing his paycheque. Too many people who were once in power think it is beneath them to serve as an ordinary M.P.