Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New survey says that 100% of Canadians blame Martin Government for alleged torture deal

A new survey by Iceman-Decibel Research suggests that 100% of Canadians hold the Martin Government responsible for creating the prisoner transfer agreement that allegedly led to detainees being tortured. These results come as the Liberal Party is relentlessly attacking the governing Tories for not cleaning up the Liberal mess fast enough. This whole conversation is asinine, but since the Liberal Party is bleeding votes to the NDP, they are desperately trying to create a controversy that they believe can launch them back into power. Meanwhile, if the Liberal allegations are correct, then the transfer deal the Liberals designed led to the violations of the Geneva Conventions, and if the testimony of Mr Colvin is accurate, then these Geneva violations occurred under the Martin Government.

This poll is 100% accurate 20 times out of 20, because there was only one government in power when the transfer treaty was signed. I realize that there is only one option to choose from, but again, only one government was actually running the ship.

Do the Liberals not realize how dumb it is of them to engage in these attacks?


  1. 'Do the Liberals not realize how dumb it is of them to engage in these attacks?'

    There was a time when these kind of attacks worked.
    The blogosphere has changed that.

  2. Dear Iceman: really enjoy your polling surveys - especially when the multiple choice selection offers one possible answer. Keep up the good work - you are a source of political correctness gone "rouge". Cheers.

  3. I wanted to add more options to that one poll, sadly only one party was in power when the prisoner transfer system was created, the same party that was in power when a Liberal star witness says torture was already rampant when the Tories were elected into power.