Friday, November 20, 2009

Team Canada 2010

With the coming announcement of the Canadian Olympic Men's Hockey team, I would like to publish my own picks. I did not look up the latest on the injury front, this is just my selection from the top 100 scorers in the NHL.

1) Crosby
2) Nash
3) Heatley
4) Thornton
5) Iginla
6) J.Carter
7) M.Richards
8) Getzlaf
9) Perry
10) LeCavalier
11) St. Louis
12) Cammalleri (aka The Squid)
13) Stamkos or Tavares (for experience)

1) Green
2) Neidermayer
3) Pronger
4) Boyle
5) Bouwmeester
6) JovoCop
7) Doughty

1) Luongo
2) Brodeur
3) Turco (Cam Ward is killing me in my hockey pool)

On my "suitcase squad" Spezza, B.Richards, Roy, Keith, Tangay, Burrows, Briere, and Boyes. I'm sure I'm forgetting a D or two. Like a Bagosian.

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  1. Is Toews healed? A healthy J.T is on my Team Canada for certain.