Thursday, November 26, 2009

Is Sarah Palin a Trojan Horse?

I don't doubt that there are Conservatives who like Sarah Palin. I like her as a person, and I agree with some of her opinions. But being down in the United States, I have been listening to some Michael Savage, a right wing talk show host who hardly toes the Conservative Party line. His theory is that a lot of the people who are advocating a Palin Presidency are in fact far left Liberals. People who want Palin on a Presidential ticket, because they know that she can't win the center. The left wants Palin to win the nomination for 2012, because she is grossly inexperienced and is polarizing in the center where most of the votes are. I have experienced this in my own blogging and polling. Anytime I run a poll that includes Palin, be it for President or the most likely to bring Bin Laden to justice, I have personally witnessed an influx of traffic from Liberal sites and they all vote Palin. They even voted for Palin over their own man Obama for most likely to bring justice to Osama. I have to ask the question, why are the left wingers going undercover to "support" Palin?

Despite accusations from at least one Blogging Tory that I am a coward for having the opinion that Palin is far too inexperienced to be President, the left eats that up and runs with it. So am I the bad guy for disagreeing with far, far right opinion, when the left wants the far, far right opinion to dominate the narrative? I'll tell you what, I really want Obama to lose in 2012. Palin is not the candidate to do this. The left is most afraid of Giuliani, and that's the guy that I will continue to endorse for the next 3 years. I won't stop talking about it, and I won't wither into my foxhole like a scared coward.

The far left wants Palin to run for President. In that sense, her candidacy is a Trojan Horse. The left wants the leaders of Troy to drag that icon past the city walls. I will do whatever I can, however tiny my influence, because I want Obama to lose and I will endorse the candidate who maximizes the probability that this happens. And hey, if Obama wants to empty Gitmo into the New York law courts, either make Rudy the Chief prosecutor, or make him Commander and Chief to clean up the mess of this fiasco.

Rudy Giuliani, 2012!


  1. Yes, just as we want Bob Rae in for the Liebrals

  2. Canadian Cynic, where did your exit links go? Why aren't you sending your hoards to read this?

  3. Who says we want Bob Rae in for the Liberals? Democracy is best served by giving options the best options to choose from. Bob Rae certainly doesn't fit that particular bill.

    It couldn't hurt to periodically ask if the Conservative Party couldn't offer better than Stephen Harper while we're at it. We may decide that the answer to the question is "no", but that doesn't mean it isn't worth asking.

  4. Patrick, Bob Rae is the Liberal equivalent of Sarah Palin, which was my point, agreeing with the Iceman. Few accept either of them as credible leaders and any party that does is on a suicide mission.

    Maybe your favourite candidate will step up federally before Harper decides that he wants to go. No one would have a problem with that. Perhaps she can move to the federal scene after she gets Alberta back on track, not by creating a new party, but by reforming the present regime. I hope for a merger. Would love to see her take a senior portfolio - Environment would be good - in any government. Careful, Alberta, don't split the right, as we know how that goes.

  5. She's not "grossly inexperienced". You lost me there...