Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mike Ignatieff Humpty Dumpty?

I would like to take a moment to freestyle a little poetry.

The Liberal party sat on a wall.
Mike Ignatieff had a great fall.
All Donolo's horses and all Donolo's men,
Could not put the false Czar back together again.

Any suggestions? This will be perfect for the day after the next election, but it still works in the present tense. Perhaps I will write a book of children's nursery rhymes about Liberals. I know somebody else in Adler Nation already beat me to "Jack and Gilles".


  1. There once was a professor from Harvard.
    Who came to bail the Libs who had wavered.
    After he led for a year.
    It was to be quite clear.
    It was Harper that Canadians favoured.

  2. Angelo Perschilli wrote in January 2009 about a Liberal insider singing Humpty Dumpty regarding MI when the NFLD MP's broke against the budget vote.

    Great article.

  3. No poetry here, how about a fable instead?

    There once was a Liberal Party that was desperate to draw attention to itself. Every few weeks they would call out "Scandal, Scandal, look everyone there is a scandal here". Everyone would run over to see what the commotion was and word would spread that there was a large scandal that had been committed. Of course once the commotion died down everyone would realize that there really was no scandal after all and they would lose a little respect for the Liberals who tricked them.

    After a few years of this people began to tire of the constant media blitz about missing wafers or shipments of body bags or using a blackberry at a memorial service. Each and every time it turned out that the whole thing was just a bunch of hype. The people grew cynical of the Liberals and the media.

    One day the Liberal Party called out "Scandal, Scandal, look everyone there is a scandal here". This time a strange thing happened, nobody came, some in fact hurled insults the way of the Liberals. The media had grown tired of being tricked by the Liberals and stopped reading their emails or answering their calls. The Liberals then realized that even if they found a real scandal that no one was listening to them anymore.

    The moral of the story:
    Nobody believes a liar, even when they are telling the truth.


    Found the article about MI and the Liberal strategist in Feburary 2009

    Nonetheless, the decision to allow his Newfoundland MPs to break party solidarity is the most serious political mistake of its type that the Liberals have made since 1988. It might have consequences not only for Ignatieff's leadership, but also for the concept of Liberal federalism that Pierre Trudeau epitomized in attacking Joe Clark's vision of Canada as one "... where the federal government should be the maître-d' to all the provinces."

  5. Lord Father Davey
    Went to the cupboard
    To fetch his poor dog a bone;
    But when he came there
    The cupboard was bare,
    And so the poor dog had none.
    He took a clean dish
    To get him some hype;
    But when he came back
    Dog was smoking a pipe.
    He went to the fisher's
    To buy him a hook;
    But when he came back
    Dog was writing a book.
    He went to the baker's
    To buy him some bread;
    But when he came back
    The poor dog was dead.
    He went to the undertaker's
    To buy him a coffin;
    But when he came back
    The poor dog was apologizing.
    He went to the hatter's
    To buy some big hats;
    But when he came back
    He was feeding Quebec cats.
    The Lord made a bow,
    The dog made a row;
    The Lord said, "Your servant."
    The dog said, "Bow wow!"

  6. Ignatieff's biography of Isaiah Berlin wasn't too shabby at all - mind you, you'd have to have an appreciation of the power of ideas, and not just the rote entrenchment of US-style polarised partisanship to accommodate reading it...