Thursday, November 19, 2009

"a fit" over Sarah Palin

Yes, Raging Tory alleges that I am throwing a fit because I do not support a Palin Presidency. If I am voted off the Island, I will just change teams. I would strongly advise the screeners in the Canadian Armed Forces to investigate Raging Tory as a possible loose cannon. I do not trust his temper. The guy is not all there, and he has been brainwashed by the lunatic fringe.


  1. And I have a BC Security License, where my job is to keep people safe from harm. Raging Tory sets off my "spider sense".

    Don't quit your day job... and if you want to wait for me out in the parking lot, I am a 260 pound former Offensive Lineman, captain of the football team, who also won a gold medal in weightlifting. I walk the streets with no fear.

  2. The only way to end this seems to be the public school approach.
    You both get a "detention" and no "recess" (blogging tories) until you calm down and make up.

  3. Bloody hell, why don't you both either just suck it up and drive on, or meet each other in the aformentioned parking lot.