Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ignatieff "Free...Free Falling!"

Things aren't going so good right now are they Mike? You need to take a risk. When Stephen Harper got up on stage and sang a song, your first response was "well I can do that!" Let's see you try, honestly can it get much worse? Sing a song to drown out the noise from the Bob Rae Camp "sharpening their Long Knives" (c/o Miller). I have a wonderful suggestion, Free Fallin' by Tom Petty. It would at least show people that you have a sense of humour. Your staged stunt with Bob Rae dropping your TV on the Mercer Report was a trifle hollow.

The Liberals have done such an over the top job of trying to sell the idea that Tory ridings receive better treatment than non-Tory ridings. Whether or not that is true of 90% of democracies, they are working to convince people that voting Tory in a close non-Tory riding will improve their lives. Do you not see the danger in banging this particular drum? Whether or not people agree with it as a matter of principal, if you sell the talking point, people will be convinced that they can improve their community if they only voted Tory. New West just elected an NDP representative again. How much bargaining power do the people of New Westminster really get out of that relationship? I know my MP John Weston is working hard in government to deliver the best possible service to his constituents. I get the fliers in the mail. J.W hits the BBQ circuit.

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