Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who put Scott Reid on Newsworld?

I would like the name of the suit at the CBC who decided "I have a great idea, let's give Scott Reid a weekly spot to rant and rave!" That same patron saint of beer and popcorn who said of our Prime Minister "kill him kill him dead" has been rewarded with a "point of order" segment on the Soloman Show. The Soloman Show's website does not list the producers so I had to do a Google search. The only name I could find attached to Soloman production is Chris Rands.

This from the CBC webiste:

"Chris Rands Associate Producer for POWER AND POLITICS with EVAN SOLOMON and a proud native of Etobicoke. Chris has been a member of the Parliamentary bureau since 2001. He started at Toronto's AM Radio giant CFRB before moving to CBC's National Radio News in 1996. Chris has worked in Toronto, Moncton, Sudbury, Regina, Washington and St John's. Chris follows the military, city politics, the provinces and anything that flys, floats or rolls. Every time Chris walks up to the Peace Tower, he wants to throw his hat in the air like Mary Tyler Moore."

What can you tell me about Chris Rands? Who else is pulling strings on the Soloman Show? I would like to start publicly vetting the decision makers on a program who would welcome a correspondent who once all but encouraged the assassination of a sitting Prime Minister within a month of a federal election where the people had just elected him to lead the country. There is bias, and then there is outright reckless partisanship.

While I'm still waiting for the CBC to answer my request for ratings information, E-Solo can't be doing too well based on the number of people voting in his webpolls that he repeatedly promotes on television. Given his mandatory inclusion on all Canadian digital basic cable packages, I would have expected his poll voter turn out to be higher than 200 votes (and how many of those were his producer backstage?) Considering his niche demographic is internet obsessive, he should be doing far better than he is. I look forward to the CBC releasing more detailed information about his audience share relative to Newman.


  1. Ice:

    I'd advise a different strategy.
    teh last time Ried was a regular pundit on a national political opinion show, was when he made his memorable rant on how parents where not responsible enough to raise their own kids.
    I'd be sending a tongue in cheek letter to Evan thanking him and telling him that conservatives will be anxiously watching for the next bimbo erruption from Reid.
    Just wait, the next pundit for the P&P will be Vince the Slapchop Guy.

  2. Scott Reid should be in a courthouse defending himself for uttering a death threat against the Prime Minister of Canada, except this is Canada and the perps are treated like celebrities and the victims like nobodies.

    CBC is the armpit of the MSM and it's purpose for existing at all is to provide their crappy programing to remote Canadian regions.

    Other than that, every profession has a bottom half of the graduating class, CBC appears to have hired those and if not, perhaps now would be a good time to start performing as though they were in the top half. I won't hold my breath. I suspect I was right the first time.

  3. Keep on them Iceman! I never watch CBC so I'm glad someone does.

  4. You stand about as much chance of getting that information out of the CBC as I do flapping my arms and flying. The great and glorious People's propaganda Network is on a mission to pull down the Tory support. The network heads are well aware that the budget for this farce of a programmer is a sure target of Conservative spending cuts. And once started it may continue for some time under a Conservative regime. The only hope these bureaucratic flunkies have of staying awash in taxpayer money is if they can get the Liberals elected.
    If you want your information I'm afraid you'll have to dig through the archives of one of those publications that caters to the advertising industry. They usually have pretty reliable numbers available.
    Good luck!

  5. You guys are technical whizzes, what are the reported changes expected in the Throne Speech re enhanced access by the CRTC. I heard something on the fly but am unclear what the buzz is.
    Will it open the door for more media competition?

  6. Gee- The Chretienb/Martin Liberals CUT CBC's budget by $400 million.
    The Harper Conservatives reinstated all of that $400 million PLUS an additional $200 million - so an increase of $600 million over the past 4 years.

    Maybe CBC respects the Liberals more because they abused them. Maybe if Harper CUTS the CBC budget like the Liberals did HE would get a little respect too?
    Might work huh.

  7. Thank you anonymous. Could you please tell me where I can find all this information that you are citing? I would like to accumulate as much verifyable information as possible. Right now I am largely dependent on the 2005 Auditor General report, but I am anxiously awaiting the now due 2010 report. I have submitted requests to the CBC for more information, but I'm not expecting this to happen lickity split.

  8. You might try becoming an undercover "friend". They used to send me all sorts of stuff "proving" that SH was out to get them.

    Here is their website. It would be interesting to see who is behind the Friends too.

  9. CBC CTV know very well that canadians can't do anything to them; the Democratic Media to bring down the CBC TO the gutter has not HERE yet. in the meantime, they continue berating you your country the prime minister and the troops. they fill the minds of the immigrants with fear.
    CBC CTV do not love this country nor you, their actions to undermind the prime minister of this country speaks loudly. they know that there are no other media on national television to speak against them.
    WE NEED A DEMOCRATIC MEDIA NOW before it is too late. The prime minister has no national media to his name only the coalition parties.