Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I would like to state that I have been an outspoken advocate of Rudy Giuliani to follow in the footsteps of George Bush since the terrorist attacks of 9/11. How Rudy responded to this crisis in real time was astounding. I hear cynics like Bill Maher proclaim Rudy to be "the worst" because he talks about 9/11 often. Find me any politician who ran Command and Control in a serious crisis, and I guarantee you that they will talk about it a lot. Had I been mayor of New York City during 9/11, it would be all I ever talked about. Rudy only talks about it 30% of the time.

What he accomplished during his tenure as mayor of New York City was incredible. Just ask Dennis Miller. I endorsed Rudy for President long before the Dennis Miller radio show hit the public air waves, but Miller's many public endorsements only enforced my existing opinion. If Rudy himself should read this, he must be on the Republican ticket in 2011 and run in every primary. Shutting down operations before Florida was a bad idea.

I support Rudy Giuliani for President in 2012.


  1. So the man dressed in women's clothing for SNL. If you can't accept a moderate's attempt at comedy, then forget about a majority.

  2. I wonder if Bill Maher has a problem with Al Gore talking climate change all the time then.