Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Obama, you've got a problem

When you are trying to get an accurate read of the mood of the electorate, polling data is fine but interim elections speak the loudest of all. The Republican Party had a remarkable showing in 3 major midterm elections today securing new Governors in New Jersey and Virginia, and coming within inches of winning a Congressional race in New York. Obama defeated McCain by 15% in New Jersey in 2008, and Republican Chris Christie won by 5%. That is a 20% swing in popular vote and represents a massive shift in voter support in a very Liberal state. The Democrats may have completely lost the center in these 3 races, which has to be a troubling omen for Democrats seeking re-election in 2010. The entire Congress is up for re-election in one year.

All these massive spending and program initiatives that Obama and Pelosi have in the pipeline may never pass the Democrat dominated House because a significant proportion of moderate Democrats are afraid of losing their seat. Today was a great day for all of us who are afraid what "cap and tax" will do to the North American economy (whether Canada signs on or not). The size of the demographic shift that was officially measured today is astounding when compared to other momentum shifts. What is more astonishing is how quickly the tides have changed. Jesus Christ I don't even think Jimmy Carter tanked this fast! 3 for 3 would have been the best possible situation, but since they were all Democrat seats, 2 out of 3 is fantastic.

I was born when Jimmy Carter and Joe Clark were both in power at the same time. I honestly can't believe that I survived to adulthood... Assuming that there is an almighty creator, he would have been watching down on North America in 1979 from Mount Olympus while Clark and Carter reigned supreme and perhaps decided to "create" a few extra Libertarian/Conservative economists...because that is what Planet Earth needed. Just a theory.


  1. Don't forget what effect the election of Rudy Giuliani had on the Clinton administration...

  2. The Democrats are done like dinner. Obama is gone in 3 years and the Republicans will rule Congress and the Whitehouse/