Wednesday, November 4, 2009

100 Sleeps Until the Olympic Games!

The Olympics are coming and the Iceman is very excited! I will be one of the Blogging Tories on the ground writing about the Olympic Games while we are hosting the World. As a resident of West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country, at least half of the Olympic events will take place in my riding. I'm right in the belly of the beast! I still maintain that the monstrosity of a highway they plowed over a mountain in Horseshoe Bay was a ridiculous waste of money, an instance where my beliefs aligned with the greens for a moment in time. But that stink is on Kevin Falcon and Gordon Campbell, not my fantastic MP John Weston. Blair Wilson was my MP while the highway was being built.

I will be talking more about the Olympics the closer we get to the gala. I would still like to know if anyone is organizing a PETA counter-protest. I promise that I will be in attendance with my "SAVE THE SALMON, CULL THE SEALS!" sign if anyone organizes a protest of the planned PETA protests. I will even blog from the middle of the PETA protest protest! Seals might be cute, but they are voracious killing machines. Seals are to salmon as T1000 was to John Connors.

See Also; Seals, my contempt for a voracious predator.

P.S. The CBC is hyping swine flu in BC today and frequently flashing a long line-up at one individual health clinic. I work at a school in Vancouver where nobody is sick. None.

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  1. This past evening I filmed the lighting of the 5 rings in Coal Harbour. I'll upload the video to my blog tomorrow.

    Sadly, the entire Convention Centre has an enormous fence around it. I learned that this is because our resident Rent-A-Crowd anarchists are ready to vandalize the building at any moment.

    I also heard a first hand account from a woman who took the ferry over from Victoria. Apparently there was a group of Canadian athletes on it. At one point they were viciously screamed at by some of these same type of losers. Hey, I can understand people being mad at IOC officials or politicians, but athletes? ATHLETES?!?