Thursday, November 5, 2009

I buy the National Post

My primary source of Canadian news and Canadian "op-ed" is the National Post. The Post is the best at presenting all sides of Canadian opinion, and I know this because they frequently publish rants by left wingers. I write a lot about the CBC because Newsworld is my primary source for Canadian television news, no matter how biased they might be. As my public broadcaster they get my tax dollars, so I feel a moral duty to monitor their feeds, but the National Post is the place to visit for opinion. 65% of my readership may trust Charles Adler the most for Canadian "op-ed" on breaking news, but during a breaking story I would direct people to the Post. Buy the National Post. I do every day. I don't always agree with the Post's pundits, and I call a spade a spade when necessary. As a Libertarian Economist, I love the Financial Post. I am an active participant in their Stock Market Challenge.

When I was growing up in Ontario, we used to frequently buy the Toronto Star for the sports section. My roommate in my first year at University had his father on the editorial board of the Toronto Star. That being the re-election year of Mike Harris, my roommate and I had some fierce debates about politics. When I saw that headline “Barbarians at the Gates” a week before the 2004 election in the Star, which endeavored to paint the Conservatives as barbarians, I tuned out that newspaper as a source of my opinion in perpetuity.

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  1. I would buy the national Post if I could find it anymore. They stopped distribution to Manitoba a while ago.