Sunday, November 1, 2009

October Poll Archive

Here is the first monthly installment of the Iceman polls. I only listed the candidates that elicited at least 5% of the popular vote in each poll.

If you had access to the phone booth from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and could select one historical figure to retrieve and discuss the world today, whom would you choose?

Winston Churchill (50%)
Adam Smith (13%)
Octavian Caesar (7%)
William Wallace (7%)

Of all these former conservative leaders, which would you choose if you could instantly appoint any to be Prime Minister of Canada right now?

Preston Manning (41%)
Mike Harris (33%)
Bernard Lord (11%)
Ralph Klein (7%)

Of all these North American pundits, who makes you reach for the "mute button" the fastest should they appear on your television screen?

Michael Moore (45%)
Bill Maher (12%)
Scott Reid (11%)
Rush Limbaugh (9%)
Glenn Beck (6%)
Charles Adler (6%)

There is a really juicy political news story breaking in Ottawa. Of these Canadian Opinion Editorialists, who's opinion would you go to first for analysis?

Charles Adler (64%)
Andrew Coyne (12%)
Chantal Hebert (11%)

If you could watch Ignatieff perform one song at a National Arts Gala, which song would you have him sing?

Rasputin, by Boney M (28%)
Hit the road Jack, by Ray Charles (25%)
I'm too sexy, by Right Said Fred (23%)
Blame it on the rain, by Milli Vanilli (12%)

Who is the best modern Premier in recent Canadian History?

Mike Harris (51%)
Ralph Klein (34%)
Bernard Lord (6%)

Worst Premier in modern Canadian History?

Bob Rae (55%)
Dalton McGuinty (13%)
Glenn Clark (8%)
Ed Stelmach (7%)
Danny Williams (6%)

Who is your favourite Harris refugee?

John Baird (40%)
Jim Flaherty (32%)
Tim Hudak (10%)
The Iceman (8%)
Tony Clement (8%)

If the Iceman were to write a book about Mike Ignatieff after he is usurped by Bob Rae, what should that book be titled?

Ignatieff; Much Ado About Nothing (41%)
True Patriot Abandonment (12%)
The Fall of the Czar; the Mike Ignatieff Story (12%)
Iggy Popped (11%)
A Bridge Too Far; the Mike Ignatieff Story (7%)

If you could banish one CBC personality from the media in perpetuity, who would you choose?

Heather Mallick (49%)
Peter Mansbridge (36%)
Evan Soloman (7%)

What is the dumbest thing Ignatieff has said since joining the Liberal Party?

"If you mess with me, I will mess with you until I'm done!" (35%)
"The government is sending the message that they want aboriginals to die." (32%)
"Mr. Harper, your time is up!" (18%)
"A coalition if necessary, but not necessarily a coalition." (10%)


  1. This post is great, interesting and no MSM spin. Thanks

  2. Thanks for the roundup. These type of polls can be a source of amusement and occasionally a candid, and sometimes a valuable information point. Cheers.