Thursday, November 5, 2009

Calgary Flames Competitive Advantage

I certainly believe that professional athletes should not be vaccinated against the flu while higher risk of harm people are not inoculated. Babies and old people should get a flu shot before Jarome Iginla. Of course I don't blame any of the Calgary Flames for allowing themselves to be inoculated, but rather the public health official (likely a hockey fan) who designated the rations for the Flames players. As a die hard Red Wings fan, if I had the resources at my disposal to ensure that Lidstrom, Zetterberg, and Datsyuk don't miss any games, it would be awfully tempting but that doesn't make it right.

And as one of the pundits who has been frequently writing about pig flu in Canada, just let me state how hilarious it is that the Liberal Party slammed the governing Conservatives for having only a single provider of vaccine when a Liberal Government signed the fucking contract that expires next year! It doesn't get much funnier than that, though they don't seem to be talking about that on the CBC. The CBC would much rather convince you that swine flu is killing babies.


  1. Kipper, was out with the FLU and so your Red Wings, may have a chance. Doubtful but the odds have changed.

    This is ridiculous btw. The issue with queue jumping is valid but the Flames themselves did not do anything that was not acceptable under the process at the time in AB.
    They simply should have lined up but I am not in the outraged camp over this. Everyone needs to take a chill pill. Some people have lost their ever lovin' minds!

  2. Morally it was wrong!
    The high risk recipients have not been treated yet, The Flames should have declined, Why? because it was the right thing to do!
    If this was a sinking ship and the call went out for Women and Children first would the Flames players have stepped to the front in that situation?

  3. At the time it happened, nonny, 'the call of women and children only' had not gone out, and the vaccine was open to all.

    Iceman, I've read three different versions of alberta's prefered list, not one of them listed seniors, the closest they came was 'people under 65 with underlying medical conditions'. People over 65 are apparantly expected to shut and die quietly. 'Regular people' are not expected to be eligible until sometime in December. Kind of reminds me of the death panels Sarah talked about.

    BTW, the Republican best suited to cleaning up Obama's mess is Sarah Palin.

  4. I am quite pissed about the Flame's jumping the line for vaccine. When some mother with an 8 year old suffering from cystic fibrosis has to wait 3 hours in a line and some young, rich, healthy athlete gets it served to him on a silver platter just so he won't be sick & miss any games ---- that's complete bullshit.

    Then there are the assholes in the news media like the Calgary Sun sports columnist Eric Francis acting as an official cheerleader for these overindulged spoiled sports brats. He says because the Flames give a lot to charity people should simply shut up about the vaccine incident. Screw that. I give to charities and do volunteer work as well. Does that mean I get to obtain preferential treatment somewhere?