Friday, November 6, 2009

Blame it on the rain

The theme music for Friday's round of golf was brought to you by rock sensations Milli Vanilli. It was cold and raining on this dreary Vancouver day, but I needed a golf fix and was willing to brave the elements. Thousands of years ago my ancestors migrated to the northern part of Europe on the North Sea, so I like to say that I was genetically engineered by the process of natural selection for cold weather survival. Just wrap me in fleece, and I'm fine. As a descendant of Scottish lineage, I loves me some fleece!

Because the rain was pouring down, I decided not to keep score and take as many mulligans as I pleased. I was practically the only one on the course anyway, so anytime I duffed a shot I'd sing a riff from blame it on the rain and drop a new ball. "Whatever you do, don't put the blame on you!" People forget how popular that song was in my formative years, at least while people thought Milli Vanilli were signing it. At one point I put together a streak of fantastic shots on three successive holes, and I felt like that old man from the original Caddyshack. He goes out in the rain with Bill Murray as his caddy and plays the best round of his life. As the storm gets worse, the better he plays. Then at one point the man sinks a long putt and looks up at the heavens to thank God when he gets struck by lightning. Bill Murray puts down the guy's bag and sneaks off. I hope he at least went to call for an ambulance and that's why he snuck off.

Wildlife sightings were minimal today. No bald eagles or cougars, but I did see a Heron and a bizarre species of duck.

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  1. I think I can identify that bizarre species of duck.