Friday, November 6, 2009

The good ole Corona virus

The Iceman is officially sick with the common cold. Symptoms are very mild with virtually no discomfort. I don't take cold medication because they suppress the symptoms, and the runny nose, coughing, and sneezing is your body's method to expel the virus from your system. I have not had the flu since 2001, but I get the common cold every now and then, which allows my immune system to build a defense to that family of viruses. It is an interesting process once the virus has invaded your body. I could tell about 24 before my nose started running that I had been infected because my body temperature was fluctuating randomly and I knew that equilibrium had been disrupted.

I figured that I would most certainly catch the H1N1 despite my strong immune response. Once you start writing that a WHO Viral Pandemic is not a big deal, the Law of Ironies dictates that you yourself become afflicted with it. Maybe I have pig flu and my immune system is so strong that it only feels like the common cold? One of my tricks to defeating the corona virus is when you first feel the first symptoms, get really, really drunk on blueberry cider. I don't know if this works in everyone, but it works for me. Alcohol flushes the system and my body can imbibe the substance better than a tiny micro-organism. Why do we use alcohol based hand sanitizer to inhibit transfer of the bug? I never have the cold for more than a day, sometimes two days. The blueberry provides anti-oxidants that are effective at destroying viruses, when in tandem with a blood sanitizer like alcohol is a strong combination.

But you won't get health professionals recommending you go out and get wasted to fight the cold and flu. And remember, never drink and drive.

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  1. I think a moderate ammount of alcohol dehydrates the sinuses, which is probably safer than over the counter meds like Dristan.

    I read that rinsing out the nasal cavities after going out in public is helfpul in getting rid of potential virus-carrying guck before it enters your lungs. Also a good idea to brush your tongue when you brush your teeth, for the same reason. Sounds gross but hey, if it works.

    Sometimes home remedies are more effective than meds.

    I was sick for almost 3 weeks in October with most of the basic symptoms of H1N1. Did I have it? I'll never know. I figure if I got through that, I can probably fight off the real thing. I'll get the shot eventually unless the medical authorities give the all clear.

    Have a good evening, Iceman.

    Louise M.